You’re self sabotaging when you could be playing full out like you deserve

Lean into your fear, step into your


95% of whether you fail or succeed is determined by the people you spend time with

Picture the 5 people you hang out with. 

Are they achieving the level of success you want in health, wealth, business, relationships, leadership or life? 

This 5 is your future. 

Harvard social psychologist Dr. David McClelland discovered the people you interact with on a daily basis determine as much as 95% of whether you fail or succeed.

To achieve true greatness, you have to change your proximity and spend time with people you want to become.

The truth is, you’ve been pushing too hard and for too long to let anything below abundance, love and greatness rule your life

You’ve been told to get a job, bust your ass, buy a home, and life will be good. 

But we both know that’s not the level of success and happiness you’re chasing.

In fact, hard work doesn’t equal success.

Break free from the way you’ve always done things so you can get onto the path of living your life to the fullest. 

What if certainty ruled your life? Imagine…

  • Working smarter not harder and waking up with certainty about your outcomes and future?
  • Overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs with success expert Luke Wren - without forking out his $60,000 yearly one-to-one coaching fee 
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • ​Getting exponential learning by watching Luke solve problems and challenges in real time so you don’t have to face every obstacle to get lightyears ahead
  • ​ Learning inside tricks to master your time and achieve your goals FASTER than you thought possible
  • ​Surrounding yourself with leaders who play full out and check in with them at any time to help you refocus on what matters 
...So you can show up in each of the six core areas of your life. 

So you can develop a better work-life balance that leads to healthier choices and more energy.

So you can achieve the financial wealth and abundance you and your family deserves.

So you can move toward your business goals with confidence and clarity.

So you can connect with others with more authenticity and experience more intimate and fulfilling relationships.

This opportunity is available for a select few action takers who are ready to step into their greatness.

So I’d like to personally invite you to

The Greatness Group

The Greatness Group is the fastest way to connect, support and network with powerful movers and shakers who are negotiating multiple-million dollar deals, scaling their empires, and leading with love. 

It’s a tribe of forward-thinking leaders and achievers who refuse to settle for mediocrity and instead push for more time, money and meaning in the 6 core areas of their lives.

You’ll get unshakeable belief, clarity, and unleashed momentum to live the life you deserve.
“Because the strongest force in human psychology is remaining consistent with who we are - not somebody else's opinion or thought.”

And why should you listen to me?

The world’s #1 coach, Luke Wren here.

I coach startup founders, CEOs, best-selling authors, and six and 7-figure entrepreneurs to stir up their ambition and help them live their fullest life in the 6 core areas.

1,000s of happy and successful students 

20 years of experience

15 years as one of the world’s highest-paid high performance coach  

Pioneering research

Founder of multiple 7-figure brands

And here’s my journey from mowing lawns to becoming the go-to coach for CEOs and entrepreneurs:

  • Mowed lawns, baled hay, washed dishes - As a child, I was rich with love - not money - and put my heart and soul into everything I did
  • Started my journey to self discovery - Uncovered Tony Robbins’ cassette tapes aged 17 
  • Became a coach - I taught local businesses in the community on health, energy, productivity 
  • Attended my first Tony Robbins live event - I wrote the names of 3 people I want to meet: Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Wynn. This was the start of my unshakeable belief in my values, myself and the passion I felt for helping others
  • ​Spoke on stages around the world
  • ​Met Tony Robbins, Oprah and Steve Wynn - Just 11 months after Unleash The Power Within and I’d fulfilled my goals showing what’s possible when you surround yourself with the right people
  • ​Volunteered for Tony Robbins’ personal security team for 7 years - travelled around the globe with his team because I wanted to help others experience the transformation I went through
  • ​Learned the best tools and strategies to master my time
  • ​Invited by Tony to talk at Date With Destiny
  • ​Became a regular speaker at Tony Robbins’ Life and Wealth Mastery and other events around the world
  • ​Became one of the world’s highest paid coaches and go - to personal development trainers - I honed my techniques to give business leaders the best strategies for success 

Join The Greatness Group…

… for less than you pay for your next plane ticket

monthly coaching accountability calls

Be guided through immersive thought processes to help you reach your peak state

Live Q&As

Get your challenges addressed so you improve in your 6 key areas

Trainings from world-leading experts

Direct access and lessons from guest speakers at the top of their game

14-week coaching program

Take action in 14 areas of your life so you can move forward faster

Exclusive virtual tribe

Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs to keep you accountable

Weekly live training

Grab my best strategies raw, real and live

Planning system

Move faster and intentionally towards your goals

Meditation trainings

Explore the things getting in your way so you can manage even the most difficult scenarios

Audio experiences 

Be guided through immersive thought processes to help you reach your peak state

Downloadable PDFs

Take life to the next level with these tools and strategies you can use anywhere

These advanced strategies will give you an unfair advantage to pass your peers, design your dream life, and lead and contribute at the highest levels.

“Joining The Greatness Group was a no-brainer for me - Luke gives so much of his time and he’s a brilliant coach.  

The people in here are quality, forward-thinking leaders and achievers. It’s a good environment to be in if you want to go to the next level.

It gives me more drive and accountability because, when you have a peer group with high standards, it pushes you to raise your standard.

Luke is completely authentic and driven by connection and love. He’s also got a high energy which I’ve been able to incorporate into my daily routine."

- Tal Sarid, Digital Growth Consultant & Life Performance Coach
“Being part of Luke’s group keeps me around other business owners and like minded entrepreneurs whom I’m constantly learning from, and elevates the conversations I’m having.

Plus getting that level of direct access to Luke has been pretty incredible!

Regardless of his experience, Luke’s been both approachable and relatable, and he's helped guide me through challenging business opportunities to understand and navigate risk.”

- Shawn Keeper, Founder and CEO of Dunsire Developments Inc.
“Luke is world class, has unending energy and leads with his heart so I leaped at the chance of getting regular coaching from him. He has this gift of taking your perspective and shifting it a couple of degrees so you can see things you couldn’t see before.

The group bolstered my confidence, gave me consistency and more momentum.

Now I have another strong network and more resources to support me so that I’m not getting knocked from my center when I’m presented with new challenges."

- Steven J Levy, Solutionist

Your secret to unshakeable certainty and greatness is to 


Using strategies and techniques I’ve perfected over 20 years and taught to 1000s, you’ll learn how to step into your greatness. 

HEALTH - Sacrificed your energy and wellbeing?

Unleash your peak energy so you can serve more and do more, while creating abundant vitality for yourself.

WEALTH - Struggling to hit financial success?

Discover how to achieve the foundational wealth you deserve, without working more.

BUSINESS - Stuck at your current level?

Find solutions and tools to take your business to the next level, master your time, and uncover momentum to grow strategically.

RELATIONSHIPS - Running away from solving your needs at home?

Learn how to handle core issues, create a loving, passionate relationship where both your needs are met on a high level, and align your priorities and values. 

LEADERSHIP - Can’t find your voice?

Learn how to lead better, inspire more, build the true skill of influence, become self disciplined, and create unshakeable certainty. 

LIFE - Lost clarity with your life vision?

Create the real authentic life you dream of while finding your passions and living your purpose.

Overcome your fear, feel relentless, and gain unshakeable belief in yourself with proven methods

By surrounding yourself with thought leaders and attending my weekly live interactive Zoom trainings and Q&As, you’ll gain incredible momentum to chase an extraordinary life full of abundance, certainty and greatness.  

I promise you’ll eliminate your self-doubt and transform the way you think and behave, leaving you free to chase your vision.

Your fear is worth pushing through, just take the first step

Without vision we perish. But it’s so easy to look at our huge goals and think we need to take big steps. We look at the top of the staircase and it looks intimidating.

We get lost in the tyranny of the ‘how’.

The most important thing to getting into momentum is to take that first step.

Taking small daily steps creates movement. Once we’re in motion we keep going.

And the smallest thing you can do today to move you towards your goals?

Join The Greatness Group

In just days, you’ll be surrounded by thought leaders within our exclusive community.

Within weeks, you’ll have watched several of my coaching sessions and feel the excitement of momentum bubbling inside you.

Within months, you’ll have taken those first steps to execute your goals and take you even closer to your vision.

And within a year? You’ll be one of the thought leaders. You’ll have mastered the “Foundational Four” questions to remove sabotaging behavior, break through emotional blocks and lead others with love.

You are ready!

Turn your energy into your ultimate commodity and live consciously 

Your success will always come down to two main things: focus and effort.

You can control both of these and own your power.

There’s no magic, it’s hard work, choices and persistence.

We all have greatness inside of us

You’re not alone in feeling scared. But successful entrepreneurs and leaders face their fears

Life is going to throw curveballs at you and it won’t always be easy.

But how you react to the situation and state you’re in will ultimately decide if you can overcome it or if it will take you over.

And The Greatness Group will show you how to overcome these so you can become a voice, not an echo.

Now is the greatest time in history for you to surround yourself with people who will push you to the next level

How would your life change if you could build a muscle to move through this stage of fear… and keep evolving?

With so much uncertainty and fear in the world right now, it’s important now more than ever to get clear on your goals, work through your limiting beliefs and build yourself.

Imagine coming out of this with a muscle built, knowing you’re unstoppable.

This only comes from caring about your conscious impact in the world and leading with love.

Refusing to surround yourself with thought leaders means you’ll never progress or go to the next level.

Instead, you’ll stay exactly where you are... stuck, frustrated, and feeling unworthy.

While other members inside my group get an unfair advantage to gain unshakeable belief in themselves, master their time, and remain true to their values.


So one day or day one?

The Greatness Group will take your conscious experience of life and make it a 3D printout in your business

You’ll get weekly coaching from one of the world’s leading high-performance coaches and trainers - without paying my $60,000 one-on-one price tag and skipping my waitlist.

Monthly Coaching
Accountability Calls

14-week coaching program

Weekly live interactive Zoom training with me

Two 60-minute live Q&As every week

Trainings from the world’s top experts

Weekly Setup 4 Success planning system

Community of high-achieving leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs

Immersive audio


Bonus PDFs with tools and strategies to uplevel your business and life

Meditation library

Just $297/ month

PAY UPFRONT + SAVE 19% $2997 a year 

Cancel your membership anytime


  • Filled with abundance of time, money and meaning
  • ​Free from uncertainty and fear
  • ​Utilizing the most efficient and effective tools and strategies to master your time
  • ​Feeling worthy, confident and certain
  • ​Networking with high achievers who play full out 
  • Challenging yourself and growing into the leader you were always meant to be





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